Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Herve Mons St. Nuage

We love the Herme Mons camembert so when we saw this triple creme at Whole Foods it was a no-brainer to pick it up. This cheese is something special. It was perfectly ripe without even a hint of ammonia, meltingly soft and tender, with a range of textures. It was ever so softly ripe and pungent in a way that we wish we could find more cheeses. This St. Nuage was an absolute pleasure to eat. We served it to a group of discerning palates (i.e. chefs) on pizza night and they seemed equally happy to taste it with crackers and sliced local peaches. And again on a pizza paired with roasted onions, bacon, and arugula. It was everything we love in a cheese, smooth, creamy, subtle and assertive all in one delicious bite. If we can secure more and hold ourselves in check we will explore using it in a ravioli filling and to make ice cream.

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